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BatchApkTool is an advanced tool for people who modify their apks and modify their android devices . It’s an easy to use and compatible with all versions of android apk’s . You can theme apps with it , change values which aren’t found in basic apk unpacking . Viewing apk’s java source is also possible .

BatchApkTool Changelog

– Updated apktool (2.3.4_0503), oat2dex (0.90_0420), jadx (0.7.2 build 429), UnpackerFirmware 1.4.4, Java (8u171).
– Accelerated display and saving logs Logcat (approximately 3 times).
– Added save the log from the previous reboot (last).
– In the advanced settings, the option of deodexing Android 6 and above via oat2dex (faster than baksmali, but possible errors) is added again.
– The option in the advanced settings “Save original AndroidManifest.xml” by default now has the value NO.
– Fixed some bugs.
– Batch ApkTool is now 64-bit! For 32-bit Windows (and Windows XP) will be laid out a separate version.
– Updated apktool (2.3.3_0413), jadx (0.7.2 build 427), oat2dex (0.90), python (3.6.5), adb, zipalign.
– Added deodexation of Android 8.1 (using the vdexExtractor utility).
– Added the UnpackerFirmware plug-in from unix3d for unpacking firmware images (instead of the obsolete SDATunpacker).
– All the “CANCEL” items in the Batch ApkTool menu are now selected with the number 0.
– Updated apktool (2.3.2), smali (2.2.3), enjarify (0329), jadx (0.7.2 build 413), Java ( 8u161).
– In advanced settings, the option to enable experimental support for aapt2 is added (apktool 2.3.2 and later only).
– Fixed some bugs.
– Updated apktool (2.3.1), smali (2.2.2), Java (8u151).
– Added display of the time spent for decompilation / recompilation.
– Fixed detection of the version of Java 9.
– The distribution removed apktool 1.5.2.
– Updated apktool (2.2.5_0827), sdat2img (2017-28-08), Java (8u144).
– Added check of availability of files necessary for work.
– Fixed minor bugs.
– Updated apktool (2.2.3), smali (2.2.1), luyten 0.5.3, sdat2img (2017-01-04), Java (8u131).
– Added deodexing Android O.
– Deodexed Android 6 and above via oat2dex.
– Updated enjarify (0301).
– A standard Windows dialog is now used to select files.
– Added options “Save original AndroidManifest.xml”, “Warn me about overwriting a folder during decompilation” and “Sound notifications” are added to advanced settings.
– Added output of messages to the tray.
– Fixed hang of logcat log output.
– Updated apktool (2.2.2), smali (2.2_0108), enjarify (0122), luyten 0.5.0 (procyon 0.5.32), sdat2img (2016-11-23), Java (8u121).
– Added the FindFramework plug-in to the distribution.
– Fixed extraction of sqsh files from archives with the same name, but in different register, during deodexation.
– Updated apktool (2.2.2_1023), smali (2.2_1024).
– Added support for API Level 25 (Android 7.1 Nougat Preview).
– Fixed the signature of some APK-files.
– Updated apktool (2.2.1), smali (2.2_1018), enjarify (0928), sdat2img (0924), Java (8u111).
– Added an alternative way to copy files to the / system folder (item [14-> 2], su is used).
– Added the ability to selectively install the APK from the folder _OUT_APK.
– Now for deodexing Android 6 and higher, baksmali is used by default (you can enable oat2dex in the advanced settings [00]).
– Added file counter during deoxexation via baksmali.
– Improvements and fixes.
– Updated apktool (2.2.1_0819), enjarify (0831), luyten 0.4.9 (procyon 0.5.32), plugin SDATunpacker (1.0.1).
– The algorithm deodexation API level> = 23 has been optimized through baksmali.
– Added support for deodexing odex * .sqsh files.
– Significantly accelerated and improved algorithm for searching for symlinks (symlinks are supported after unpacking images by the program Rom Helper).
– Added option to enable / disable deletion of symlinks after deodexing (in advanced settings).
– Updated apktool (2.2.0), luyten 0.4.8 (procyon 0.5.32), Java (8u101).
– Added folder _system for deodexation of firmware.
– Added automatic API Level detection, if there is a build.prop file in the _system folder.
– The dedexation log is moved to a separate file log_deodex.txt
– Simlink files are now deleted after deodexation (the code for the symbolic links for updater-script is stored at the end of the dedexation log).
– Accelerated recompilation in expert mode with a large number of changes in the decompressed file.
– The SDATunpacker plug-in has been added to the distribution.
– Old versions of oat2dex have been deleted.
– Various improvements and bugfixes.
– Updated apktool (2.2.0_0621), smali (2.2_WIP_0529).
– Various improvements in the deodexing algorithm.
– Added advanced settings (menu item [00]) with the ability to choose the deodexation method API level> = 23.
– Now the plugins can use the Python 3 interpreter.
– The Dalvik bytecode translator to the JVM dex2jar byte code is replaced by enjarify.
– Updated apktool (2.1.1), smali (2.1.2_0424), oat2dex (0.87_0426), luyten 0.4.7 (procyon 0.5.32), Java (8u91).
– Changed the method of deodexation Android 6.0.
– Added the CopyBack plug-in to the distribution.
– Updated apktool (2.1.0), oat2dex (0.86_0316), Java (8u77).
– Added deodexing of Android N.
– Deodexing error boot.oat now does not interrupt the deodexation process.
– Updated apktool (2.1.0_0229), oat2dex (0.86_0226), smali (2.1.2_0228), Java (8u73).
– Added copying the folders / system / app, / system / priv-app, / system / framework from the device to the utility folder (cl. 13 -> 4).
– Fixed processing of some files with non-standard zip-headers (when deodexing and assembling in expert mode).
– Updated adb, zipalign.
– Updated apktool (2.1.0_0106), oat2dex (0.86_0107), smali (2.1.1), luyten 0.4.6 (procyon 0.5.32).
– Accelerated deodexation of Android 6.0 files.
– Fixed deodexation of files with several classes.dex (Android 6.0).
– Added copying files from _OUT_APK to / system / framework.
– Added Ukrainian language
– Updated apktool (2.0.3_1024), smali (2.1.0_1018), oat2dex (0.85_1013), jadx (0.6.1 build 221), Java (8u65).
– Added deodexing of Android 6.0
– Updated apktool (2.0.2_0930_), smali (2.1.0_1002), oat2dex (0.83_0930), jadx (0.6.1 build 220).
– Updated apktool (2.0.2_0912_fix), jadx (0.6.1 build 218).
– Updated apktool (2.0.2_0821), smali (2.0.7_0906), oat2dex (0.83_0909), luyten 0.4.4 (procyon 0.5.30), jadx (0.6.1 build 215), Java (8u60).
– Updated adb binaries.
– Fixed reading of hidden symbolic links.
– Added deodexation of .odex.gz files.
– Corrected the signature of zip files for recovery.
– Minor corrections.
– Updated apktool (2.0.2_0811), jadx (0.6.1 build 210), oat2dex (0.83_0806).
– Added deodexing of .apk-files in the folder _framework.
– The function of copying files to the device (item 14) now copies the files recursively along with the subdirectories.
– Added copying of deodexed APK and JAR-files to the folders _INPUT_APK and _INPUT_JAR.
– Updated apktool (2.0.1), jadx (0.6.1 build 206), Java (8u45).
– Added Spanish, Chinese, German, Turkish and French.
– Changed the deodexation logic of the files: now the files are deodexed directly in the _app, _priv-app, and _framework folders.
– Improved deodexation algorithms: now deodex the files of all architectures in one pass.
– The output of symbolic links (for updater-script) is added to the dedexation log.
– Fixed deodexation of files with several classes.dex.
– Updated apktool (2.0.1_0629), smali (2.0.7_0619), jadx (0.6.1 build 203), oat2dex (0.83).
– Added the Belarusian language
– Logs are now stored in UTF-8 with BOM
– Increased Java heap size for oat2dex.jar
– Added support for localization files. Russian and English are added to the distribution.
– Added initial support for plug-ins. Functions for replacing resources without recompiling and converting unicode sequences in UTF-8 are transferred to plug-ins.
– Added a color adjustment plug-in for the main elements of the interface.
– The decompiler of the source Java code jd-gui is replaced by luyten 0.4.4 (procyon 0.5.28).
– Added color formatted text output to logcat. Logs are now saved in real time during browsing.
– Fixed ignoring of changes in the libs folder.
– Updated apktool (2.0.1_0524), smali (2.0.6_0523), jadx (0.6.1 build 198), oat2dex (0.81).
– Various improvements and bugfixes.
– Added counter of processed files.
– Frames are now installed from the _framework folder and all of its subfolders.
– Updated apktool (2.0.0), smali (2.0.5_0410), jadx (0.6.0), jd-gui (1.0.0-RC4), dex2jar (2.0).
– Updated Java 8u45 (in the standalone version of BAT).
– The algorithm of expert mode operation is improved.
– Added deodexing of x86 architecture applications (Android 5.0).
– Added saving the table of inline-methods of the firmware (item 18-> 8) (see readme, p. 3.10).
– The speed of decompilation is increased.
– Updated apktool (2.0.0-RC4_0322), smali (2.0.5_0321), jadx (0.5.5 build 181), signapk.
– Fixed the recompilation function if there is aapt.exe in the C: \ Windows folder
– Updated jadx (0.5.5 build 171).
– Improved Java definition
– apktool 2.x now uses external aapt.
– Updated apktool (2.0.0 RC4), jadx (0.5.5 build 166).
– Added expert mode for building APK (see the readme in 5.5).
– Added error logging for [6 Zipalign files].
– The function of decompiling applications on systems where the system variable PATH
is incorrectly set is updated. – Updated jadx (0.5.5 build 165).
– Items 04-07 now decompress all dex-files, not just classes.dex.
– Updated apktool (2.0.0 rc3 from Jan 1, 2015), smali (2.0.5), jadx (0.5.5 build 164).
– Updated Java 8u31 (in the standalone version of BAT).
– Fixed ignoring the changes made to the assets and lib folders when using apktool 1.x (the defect appeared in BAT289)
– Compatibility with beta versions of apktool 2.x
v2.9.4 has been restored
– deodexation of * .odex.xz files in the _framework folder has been added
– Code optimization
– Added deodexation of files * .odex.xz (Android 5.0)
– Updated jadx (0.5 .5 build 163).
– Added the ability to deodex applications of Android 5.0
– Fixed incorrect decompilation of applications if the filenames of their smali-code contained invalid characters
– Updated jadx (0.5.5 build 162).
– The deodexation function is improved.
– Updated apktool (2.0.0 rc3 from 12/30/2014), smali (2.0.3 from 29.12.2014), jadx (0.5.5 build 157).
– Updated aapt.exe for apktool 1.5.2
– Added information about the versions of the components used in the logs.
– Frames when using apktool_2.x are now installed in the utility folder.
– Updated apktool (2.0.0 rc3 from 12/26/2014), jadx (0.5.5 build 155).
– Fixed saving of the version of the application and version of the SDK, modified via apktool.yml.
– Updated apktool (2.0.0 rc2 from 02.11.2014), smali (2.0.3 from 06.11.2014), jd-gui (0.3.7 RC1), jadx (0.5.5 build 142).
– The backup was returned in the _backup folder.
– Standalone-version Batch ApkTool now uses Java 8.
– Updated apktool (2.0.0 rc2 from 10/20/2014), jadx (0.5.3 build 131).
– Improvements and fixes.
– When copying files to system folders, they are now being
granted permissions 644 – Updated APK assembly algorithm via apktool 2.x
– Logs are now opened in the editor associated with the system with txt files
– Updated apktool (2.0.0 rc2 from 05/10/2014), jadx (0.5.3 build 126).
– Added the definition of the version of Java when the utility was launched
– Updated aapt.exe for apktool 1.5.2
– Updated apktool (2.0.0 rc1 from 24.09.2014), jadx (0.5.3 build 126).
– The speed of deodexing and recompilation is slightly increased (by about 10-20%)
– Added the option [87 Do not write out debug info]– Added the ability to select a key for signing APK, ZIP, and JAR files
– Updated apktool (2.0.0 rc1 from Aug 27, 2014), smali (2.0.3 from Aug 28, 2014), jadx (0.5.3 build 120).
– Added support for apk, containing several dex-files
– Updated apktool (2.0.0 rc1 from August 16, 2014), jadx (0.5.2).
– Fixed situation for some users, when after decompiling the exploded application folder was empty
– Updated jadx (0.5.2 build 102).
– Added batch installation of applications (including the SD card) and copying files to the device
– It is forbidden to run multiple copies of the utility
– Changed the method of outputting color text (for the translator of the utility in Russian and other languages)
– Updated jadx (0.5.2 build 96).
– Added a couple of checks at the start of the utility
– Added the item [20 info] – information about the android version and the file system
– Updated smali (2.0.3 from July 22, 2014), jadx (0.5.2 build 92).
– Added the
ability to copy / pull the folders / system / app, / system / priv-app and / system / framework from the device – Added the ability to save the full bugreport of the device (logs> bugreport)
– Format of the end of the lines in the log files and bugreport now standard for Windows – CR + LF
– Updated jadx (0.5.2 build 88)
– Significantly accelerated conversion of unicode escapes to UTF-8
– Now, when parsing through [06 Decompile JARs (only smali)], the -l and -s.
– Updated jadx (0.5.1 build 82).
– Added conversion of unicode escapes to UTF-8 (smali).
– Added colors)
– Optimized algorithm for detected changes, increased recompilation speed (up to 2 times)
– Added smali-baksmali version 1.4.2.
– The aapt, adb and zipalign binaries have been updated.
– Updated jadx (0.5.1 build 80).
– Fixed an incorrect date in the name of logs and screenshots, if the format of regional standards is different from Russian.
– Increase the speed of recompilation (depending on the source file and the changes made – up to 3 times)
– Change the logic of opening the log, again)): two modes – MANUAL and ON.
– Updated apktool (2.0.0 rc1 from 06/18/2014), jadx (0.5.1 build 78).
– Added the option [86 Keep broken resources] to force the decompiling of corrupted resources.
– Added file entry and folder / system / priv-app.
– Now after each operation, the offer to open the log is displayed.
– Updated apktool (2.0.0 rc1 from 05/25/2014), jadx (0.5.1 build 70).
– The previous algorithm for detecting changes to AndroidManifest.xml was returned, not including apktool.yml.
– Fixed crash when working with files that contain brackets in the name (), as well as when entering some special characters instead of the menu item number.
– Updated jadx (0.5.1 build 68).
– Added the ability to select one file for processing.
– Updated apktool (2.0.0 rc1), jadx (0.5.1 build 63).
– Fixed saving changes in apktool.yml.
– Minor improvements.
– Added the ability to connect ADB over Wi-Fi.
– Fixed the video recording of the command [17].
– Updated adb and aapt binaries.
– Minor improvements.
– Added view of the source Java code APK, JAR and DEX files.
– Added video recording from the screen via ADB (requires android 4.4 or later).
– Changed the logic of the menu items [11], [13], [14] and [15].
– Fixed recompilation error using apktool 1.x, which appeared in v2.1.
– Added the ability to create and download projects.
– The points of recompilation and assembly of the resulting APK are united into one point.
– The signature option has become global and is now applied to all APK days off.
– The signature option is enabled by default
– smali code when parsing via smali now corresponds to the smali code when parsing via apktool.
– Executable program files are transferred to the bin folder

Download Link : BatchApkTool.zip

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